Saturday, November 19, 2005

I was a bad student

I promised this would be for art, and being too busy to work on any made me really guilty. So it's quantity over quality.

I'm an obsessive doodler. I do the usually drawing spirals and doing nonsense shapes while taking notes, but I also get wrapped up in it a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if in school I missed out on important pieces of info because of it. I still argue that I'm a better doodler than I am a illustrator/drawer/"artist."

Things in the margin are a given, but depending on class flow or my interest, whole pages aren't off limits:

At the same time, as with most doodlers, I get obsessive with certain things, and one of them is trying to see how many different styles I can try. Which means there are a lot of eyes/lips/faces covering my notes or just dismembered bodies to try poses:

So how complicated can they get?...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this comment isn't much of a suprise now...

11:17 PM  
Blogger R o a d k i l l said...

Hi there, ventured outwith the world of my own blog...see how selfcentred I am!
Anyway, I wanted to comment on how well I felt the "development" sketches on lips were coming allong. Very sensual, very nicely done.
Kind regards,

7:18 AM  

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