Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I wish someone would call me a "gunmiss"

Read "Armed and Adorable," by Stephen Duncombe and Andrew Mattson (NYTimes link, so requires login and will probably not be valid in a week). I really need to find their book "The Bobbed Haired Bandit: A True Story of Crime and Celebrity in 1920s New York," it looks like an interesting read. I hope it's not just a rehash of the article but with more words.

But I love the fact they paid so much attention to how Celia Cooney looked back then. The article says reports made sure to mention besides the bobbed haircut, her sealskin coat the fact that she drove "a powerful automobile" and used a baby automatic.

I love how one reporter back then said she told a shopkeeper, "Another peep out of either of you and you'll stop gassin' for ever."

I love the fact that she's described as having a "dark male accomplice." She had a henchman for crying out loud.

And I love that she wrote notes to the police and on top of that obsessively read the True Detective magazines.

I'm too much of a nerd for stuff like this.


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