Thursday, May 25, 2006

My mom, the hipster

First off, when I saw the picture accompanying this recent Look Book, my first reaction was "MOM??!"

No seriously, for those of you who do not know my mom (and to those of you who do, she is a legend), she can dress pretty...interesting. Well, looking at her again this woman looks nothing like my mom, but taking account her build (slightly too big head on small body...sorry mom), bigass sunglasses, bright red lipstick, and crazy "your art teacher in high school who you totally knew smoked pot after school" get up had me doing a double take.

How crazy can my mom dress? You seriously don't know. We're talking about a woman who wore a form-fitting white sequined dress to an elementary school reunion, loves animal print, and owns a blood-red SAGA fox fur vest. Even crazier is almost all her clothes are second-hand (the fur vest was from a rich friend)and she seriously looks good in all the random bits of clothes she owns (I have no idea where she got the dress/tshirt printed with black-and-white Italian mod guys on Vespas with random newsprint on the background). She seriously dresses ironic without trying to be.

If she was on "America's Next Top Model," Miss J would say she was "FIERCE!" My mom.......Seoul's Williamsburg hipster...oh God, I just ralphed a little because that image made me think what if my mom did live in Williamsburg and was getting her pictures taken to be put up on place like MisShapes and Last Night's Party...oh God...

Somehow I think the total embarassment my brother and I went through whenever my mom showed for parent-teacher conferences and just going out in public in general has influenced my own dressing. For one thing, I grew up a HUGE tomboy, but I also have an intense aversion to bright colors that I'm just getting over (my mom used to try and pick out American Apparel-esque hues of polo shorts and short shorts for me...thank God I finally got old enough so that my mom would not dress me. My nightmare would be if I was perpetually stuck at 7 and my mom was still dressing me like those old photos of 80s bat mitzvahs). I still dress art teacher, unfortunately that was inherited, but I'm more the art teacher/student who kind of dresses like a hobo (I guess that's boho nowadays).


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