Friday, April 07, 2006

So a funny thing happened on the way to see Neko Case...

Well first off, it was an AWESOME show. I love Neko Case and Martha Wainwright was brilliant too.

Also, probably one of the best stage banter I've heard. It basically revolved around Neko Case and Kelly Hogan deciding they would like to start a band called "Merkin Donuts" with Neko on Steinberger bass and Kelly playin' the rock flute while both wore harlequin body suits...with plans to play Dave Chapelle's block party if he ever does one had to be there honestly.

And Webster Hall is crazy. I always walked past it...never been in it. The outside totally fools you. I had the same reaction I did when I walked into Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago for the first time, and honestly it's got the same ballroom conceit, except I have to say, Webster Hall has interesting decor. Gold reliefs on the wall depecting astrological, Buddhist, mythological, and anything underthe sun figures. There was also a huge retractable disco ball...basically the type of place Merkin Donuts would play.

But back to my setup. So on my way there, I walk past Virgin and hear live music. Not weird since they have bands come in and play sometimes, but it was weird that the song was familiar. It took me ten seconds to realize it was Rainer Maria playing "Artificial Light." It was like I decided to walk into some hipster nexus/Bermuda Triangle or something...

...this setup usually requires a punchline...hmm, didn't think one BOY are my arms TIRED!

Thank you! I'm here all week, try the veal! Tip your waitress!


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