Sunday, June 04, 2006

More webcomic talk

One webcomic series that I've been enjoying and feel bad about not introducing sooner is "Estancia." I particularly didn't enjoy the drawing style all that much and a lot of scenes/ideas seemed a bit too derivative (without giving away too much, the premise seems like a meshing of "Galaxy Express 999" and "Escape from New York" or "Mad Max" or something like that, and let's not forget the reaver/om - like creatures) of other things. However, it is all pretty compelling. The story's not bad at all and now it looks like it's drawing to a close in an episode or two. So go check it out.

Also, Daum is gearing up for a new series called "Dorothy Band." I'm looking forward to it just from seeing the preview art work. It looks like it'll be pretty interesting.

(Above image from Hong Jak-ga's "Dorothy Band.")

According to the bio info, Hong Jak-ga got his start in the amateur "I'm a comic artist too" section of Daum, and his debut series "A Short Story You Can Share With a Cat for a Day" (First episode, for those of you who are curious). Anyhow, this new comic is supposed to be a take on "The Wizard of Oz."

This guy's a pretty good artist, check out his site.

I know I haven't mentioned and webcomics from Paran much, but after the way "Samban Ijo" fizzled out I kind of lost interest in the webcomics they featured so I haven't been really up to date with that. Though I heavily followed the basketball comic "Jiral Balgwang" for a while I got lazy keeping track of it, now the episodes are up to the hundred-something. It's funny and well-drawn so I also recommend this comic.

I haven't checked these out yet, but they do have a bit of variety with the new comics. "Sambong Barber Shop" looks interesting. "Fly, Robin!" looks like typical shoujo romance fare if that's what you're interested in (not me).
"Forest of People" looks extremely interesting, and "The Crime's Reason" doesn't look too bad either. Anyhow, need to look into these more before I can give a full report.


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