Friday, September 08, 2006

("Directly from his Central and South America tour...")

Do you miss "Grandaizer"? Who doesn't? Especially that theme song. Well, check out this's oddly addictive. I'm glad it's not looping, but at the same time there's no replay function which is slightly annoying.

("Have you ever collected Dragon Balls?...")

But I've been following the flash series "Chungcheun CD." It's up to the fourth episode, and it's HILARIOUS. I really, really recommend you watch this...of course if you don't understand Korean, sorry. The animation itself is still amusing. The plot so far is a young man who has come up to Seoul to make a life for himself comes across a strange man with a mysterious cd. The man generally does not make any sense saying things like how he was on a deserted island, and found the cd, then found that the palm tree was actually a cd player, etc., but there's something weird going on with this cd, and that's for sure.

For one thing you can't play it in a cd player for music. Then again, it's not simply a data cd because when you put it in a cd-rom drive on your computer, any doughnut shaped object is ejected. But the mysterious man is sure this is something great, and for our poor, young and naive hero it's too late for him to get away now.

I especially love the parodied pseudo-retro youth drama comic thing where you have the young, main character narrating in a sort of epistolary form to an absent parent in a really elevated language.


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