Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Marques Houston - "Circle"

Originally I was going to be a post about how one of the clear signs that you are now too old to go to shows is when you feel like the oldest person in the room. There's a corollary to this theorem in which you really REALLY know you are old when people who are performing on stage are around your age or, Jesus Christ, younger than you are.

It's something I've been joking about a while saying. Instead I'm going to point out one of my video obsessions at the moment. The video for Marques Houston's "Circle."

Why this video you ask? Well for one thing, I really like the incorporation of the piano into the video's concept. The chereography for the lady piano playing brigade also piqued my interest.

The real reason behind this video? Marques Houston. Seriously, dude, remember when homeboy used to be called BATMAN? Running around with Immature? Remember? They were Kid's bratty cousins in House Party 3? Like they were the hip hop Huey, Duey and Louie? Voice for one of Bebe's Kids? ROGER from "Sister, Sister"???



It's all so weird watching in this video because it just makes you think, "Damn, Marques Houston is a grownass man." Yet at the same time, seeing him time warps me musically. Take a little trip with me, won't you?

I remember I couldn't get enough of Janet Jackson crooning "Again" (which was on the soundtrack for Poetic Justice. Remember that?).

Oh hell yes, I am totally break out the Tony Toni Tone with "Let's Get Down."

Here's some En Vogue.

OMG I love Brian McKnight's "One Last Cry" like no one's business. And it's soooo the epitome of this sound I'm talking about. That heartbreaking almost saccharine sentimentality with the TOTALLY YOU CAN TELL IT'S AN ELECTRIC KEYBOARD sounding keyboard. Also easily one of the top ten songs to be performed by someone going on Amateur Night at the Apollo.

Soul for Real, "Candy Rain"!

And come on, you can't forget Boyz II Men. They get two entries for me just for releasing the album II. That album is AWESOME. "On Bended Knee" and "I'll Make Love to You" (Is that Bill Bellamy in the video???)

You know, I must say, I didn't stray that far from my original premise since remembering all this crap is still making me feel pretty old oddly enough. Back to the original video I was talking about. So without further ado, here's Marques Houston's "Circle." OH! And at about 3:25 watch the dude that is to the left of Marques. He is putting his ALL into the chereography. Actually, you can notice him being super into it at other points of the video, but it was the moment at 3:25 that totally made me notice him and go back and watch the whole thing again. I honestly think that 75% of my love for this video comes from watching the guy who's super into it. I've heard people call the chorus dance the "Freak Nasty." I'm so learning it so when I go to the clubs I can pull it out and I'll do it EXACTLY like the into it dude with the SAME look on his face too. Hell, I already taught myself Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" dance, I might as well do this too.


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