Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I want to move to that raga beat

I've been kind of unsuccessfully trying to find bharatanatyam classes.

"Say what now classes?" you say. Yea, you heard me.

It's almost a little more than a decade of regret. You have to understand this goes back to when I was a wee one living in Korea. In our apartment complex was a young Indian lady who taught dance. We shared a name. She thought it was cute. Her and her moms totally let me borrow their sari and a bedecked me in jewelry and bhindi for a school event one time. They dressed me up and thought it was adorable.

One day she asked me if I wanted to take her classes. I thought a bit. I really really wanted to. I didn't know what the dances were like exactly, but I knew about the performances for special occasions, like Diwali, that my Indian friends from school participated or performed in.

But, I was a shy kid and I didn't know what I wanted. My mom was interested because she thought it'd help me be more active and whatnot. I don't know exactly what happened but talks fizzled and we ended up saying thanks but no thanks.

That's been eating at me for YEARS.

Anyhow, I've recently been trying my hardest to find bharatanatyam classes in New York, and it's been sort of difficult. Not that many options. I keep thinking, "For crying out loud, it's NEW YORK. There's EVERYTHING here. WHERE ARE THESE CLASSES HIDING??"

Maybe I just suck at searching. I'll persevere. I will. I'll find something.


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