Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh my shhhhhhaaaaaaaaving cream

Wow. So today I randomly thought of what I could only remember as the "Shaving Cream Song." I couldn't remember the particulars of the verses, I just knew that instead of saying "shit" the chorus would chime in with "Shaaaaaving cream. Be nice and clean, shave everyday and you'll always look keen." I first heard it at the tender age of 12 on the Dr. Demento show and it blew my little kid mind because I couldn't believe people in the 1940s made shit jokes. Throughout the years I'd sometimes find myself randomly singing just the chorus.

Well, I wanted to hear it again. I guess I could've tromped through free MP3 sites that might've had it but I've had better luck just going on Youtube with things this specialized. I figured they have damned near everything on Youtube nowadays, so couldn't hurt to try and look for this as well, right? Well, I fuckin' found it. Benny Bell's "Shaving Cream."


Blogger c u r t i s o l o g y said...

oh god. dr. demento. i always had to secretly listen to his show in my room so my parents couldn't hear...baptists...

4:12 AM  

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