Friday, November 09, 2007

These are the people in my neighborhood

I paused for a second after blindly stumbling into my apartment. Something was off. Then I noticed, through my curtained windows it looked like it was dawn or dusk or a dreary overcast day when I know I was just outside and it was pitch dark.

I thought maybe I'd done the time warp by accident, but then remembered just moments ago being stopped by a film PA and remember that, oh yea, my building had been commandeered for a film shoot.

I didn't pay attention to the notices taped in the building because I figured it was for the outside, but when I left the house this morning to head off to work I saw the cars, trucks and trailers setting up for the beginning of their work day as well.

(The movie is "Push" if you're curious. Based on this book)

I'm actually mildly excited because I'd love to run into Mo'Nique. The woman hosted "Flava of Love: Charm School" for crying out loud. I need to ask her about that psycho Larissa. If she's really that evil or if it was just played up. I'm afraid already that if I see her I'll let out a "Heeeeeeeeeeyyy~" like from "The Parkers."

The funny thing is they sort of "ghetto'ed up" the building for the shoot, which basically consisted of just adding some removable graffiti...and that was it. HA. Seriously, I doubt they even have to mess much with the lighting.

I laugh because the this apartment, as well as the previous (both in the same neighborhood), I've had hard times describing. I'd usually go with saying, "Well, ever watch those old school New York movies? Like I don't know, 'Leon' or you know, even 'Ghostbusters' or 'Gloria' (not the one with Sharon Stone, this one)? Well, that's basically how the place looks. Like the quintessential 'New York' apartment with the creaky stairways and the old tiled floors and yellowing paint and all that. Like one of those 'on the verge of being ghetto, but not really' type of places? Just where all the people who aren't in 'Friends' or 'Sex and the City' live? Yea, that's my apartment building."

Though I must say those are the exact reasons why I do love my neighborhood and my own tiny corner of the universe that is this small ass apartment.

Also, I'm sorry for this, but as a Koreagro (personally, I prefer the terms "Blasian," and specifically "Blackrean"), I randomly dug up this clip while looking for old "Parkers" eps and I'm lovin' the flowchart:


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