Thursday, November 01, 2007

"A little BRIT different..."

First off, I dislike that tagline. BBC-A loves that shit, but it's, "eh" to me. I mean it's punny and quite honestly I'm not that hung up on it, but recently I've been seeing the promos for BBC-A's World News America and now it's making me really annoyed with that tagline. I'm not saying these are exact quotes, but basically here's how it goes. So it's Matt Frei and he's explaining journalism like he's talking to a bunch of kindergartners on Career Day, "You interview as many people as possible so you can get the most information, then you..."

Then you what? What is it that you do Matt Frei?

" interpret it, give it analysis so that someone in America can understand and relate."

...huh. You don't say.

No, I'm not going to tear into Frei about how that seems to imply that Americans are retards that need to be spoon-fed news or something. That's not what annoys me. What annoys me is, why? If you've got an American audience already watching BBC-A, obviously they ARE looking for something "a little Brit different." Then why the hell would they care that Matt Frei is making sure they get what he's talking about? And what the hell does that even mean? That it's BBC news for an American audience? I can see some practicalities. Maybe using dollar amounts instead of pounds is one example. Or I guess maybe staying away from using really obscure British slang words or something? Though I'd suppose in a formal newscast stuff like that would be kept down to a minimum. But the point is, people watching this want BBC news. Am I being too harsh? I suppose, but it just gets to me each time I see it.

It's like each time before a program they do that little weird bumper close-captioning bumpers where they're all, "In the following program, you might hear some accents you would be hearing more if you hadn't dumped our tea into Boston Harbor." No, really, that's a direct quote. It was funny the first time. Now? Not so much. It's getting on my last damn nerve. I get it. I'm watching BBC. It's British. They talk with accents. Dear Lord, just let me fucking watch "Top Gear" in peace. I mean, I'm the last person to be against joking about cultural differences amongst friends, but this "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" business that BBC-A is beating people over the head with is really as annoying as the Eric Idle character. Godammit, I like you fine, British people, but you need to tell BBC-A to cut that shit out.


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