Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cute as all out dog alert

If you're ever at the Union Square Greenmarket, look for the Point of Star (I think that's what it was) goat cheese stand. I wish I knew what type of dog it was. It kind of looks like a Black Russian Terrier, but a little bit shaggier looking. It's a big, black, shaggy sweetie-pie.

But I needed apples and potatoes so I was down by the Greenmarket again. AND I got to eat at what can only be deemed pure genius. Golden Krust Bakery (warning: music with no way to turn off)...a Caribbean fast food soon as I saw it I had to stop in for a spicy beef patty. I love beef patties...crusty, flaky coco bread and beef, you just can't lose.

My new desktop. I tidied it up so I figured I might as well make it clean looking overall and chose a new background and changed the color scheme too.'s kind of spooky now.


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