Friday, March 10, 2006

Munch at MoMA

A friend and I went over to MoMA to check out the Edvard Munch exhibit. It is a great collection, and I suggest anyone who can make it to go see it. It's going on until May AND Friday's are Target Free Nights, it's win win.

Anyhow, I think seeing all of his work in front of me I preferred the woodcut or lithograph versions of his work more than his paintings. Though I still love how he can make a detailed piece of work with such what seems like very effortless brushstrokes. It's like some bastard child of Impressionism and Art Nouveau. If anyone knows where I can find a print of "Blossom of Pain" or "On the Waves of Love," please please PLEASE let me know. I really love those (especially the former).

Then it was on to Veselka for some goulash and stuffed cabbage and pierogi and the whatnot. My friend managed to get some cabbage soup which was actually pretty good, but after surmising the main ingredients were pork and what was probably sauerkraut we realized we were eating basically not spicy kimchi stew.

Ended the evening at Bruno Bakery.

Overall a good evening and I am really full.


Blogger Pete Duhon said...

I checked out the show also, and I am writing about it on my blog as well. Well, I hope to check out your blog in the future....

7:32 PM  

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