Monday, February 20, 2006

V for Vendetta

*Spoiler Alert* While this isn't really a new story and you can read a synopsis anywhere, still putting this up for those who have not read the comic. Of course I don't know what the movie is like at all just yet.

Questions and Concerns:

1. Well first and foremost, this is a really minor thing, but I remember reading a plotline for the movie somewhere and it said that V rescues a girl in hopes having her be his successor. Now I really wish I could remember where I saw this, but that kind of disappointed me. I mean, the ending where Evey has to figure out what V meant by telling her she needs to find out who V is but never know his face is kind of a big deal in my opinion, and if you don't have it obviously stated that V wants her to take his place, it's kind of a powerful moment when she finally figures out what he means. Then again, this is something you can guess while reading the comic. I'm sure people will have similar suspicions watching the movie, but still...It will probably be an unfounded concern since I can't even remember where I read this.

2. Will V show his face? The thing is, this doesn't concern me too much. I actually have faith in no-face-showing being possible because Edward Norton managed to play King Baldwin all through "Kingdom of Heaven" without ever showing his. So I don't think that's a problem.

What I don't like is that we know Hugo Weaving is playing V. Why? Simply because for me a large part of the excitement about "V for Vendetta" is wondering if we ever will get to see V's face and wondering who he was. I pretty much wondered about the same things Evey did at the end. For example, I wanted to know if he was white or not. But knowing it's Hugo Weaving under that Guy Fawkes mask is kinda disappointing...I mean you can just say "Well, don't think it's Hugo Weaving, think of it just as V...the voice is just the voice of V..."'s not the same. Couldn't they do what they did for Frankenstein? For V just put a "?" in the opening credits then reveal who it is in the ending credits? That would've been so boss.


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