Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Oh wake up my love..."

"Another drawing? In mere days? That can't be!"

Well it can be. This time around I finally fulfilled my ambition to create an illustration of lines from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' "Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere" (lyrics here, if you're interested...but popup warning).

There's actually several lines that are quite illustrateable from this particular song, but I've always zeroed in on, "You come for me now with a cake that you've made/Ravaged avenger with a clip in your hair/Full of glass and bleach and my old razorblades/O where do we go now but nowhere."

Now, I have many (obviously unofficial) interpretations for this song, but in the case for this drawing here's the backstory for those lyrics. Bear with me, I'm just trying to explain the imagery here a bit. Once again I'm just going with one of many interpretations I have made, none of them I claim to be correct. If you don't particularly enjoy the idea of overexplanation and would rather see the image first, then skip this next bit. Don't worry, you can always come back:

"A man is haunted by the apparition of his dead love who died either from a terminal illness, or injury from a severe accident that resulted in suicide on the man's birthday. The other lyrics from the song hint at some sort of extended medical stay or long-term medical treatment. The man's survivor guilt is manifested in an image of twisted domesticity as the tortured ghost of his love comes to him from the beyond. The cake can either be reminescent of the cake she had made for him before killing herself or just an imagery to remind him of the day she killed herself."

Now that we've got that over with, here's the drawing.

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