Sunday, September 10, 2006

For that special someone in your life who enjoys the undead


Thanks to my friend Tjie for the buttons! I actually got them about two days ago and thanked him personally, but really, he does great stuff and it was nice of him to take time out and send me things that he's actually selling. So a shameless plug for him. He's also a really decent dude so I'm glad to do my part in spreading the word really.

(Obligatory action shot)

These sell out really fast though, so if you're interested in getting them check with him or the site to see when they're available again. Of course, there are other artwork available at his site:

Prints are also available at Prints of Darkness. I personally like "Sitting Dead" and "Tracking Dangerous Game."

(Even poseable Gloomy loves buttons)


Anonymous tjie said...

hey, thanks back, and enjoy. i hardly ever have a steady full arsenal and have to keep reordering a bunch every other week to keep up with people snatching them. i even sell my personal supply pinned on my bags or shirts.

12:40 AM  

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