Saturday, January 27, 2007

OK, I know Valentine's Day is coming around

All you people who got themselves a significant other are probably starting to feel extra lovey-dovey, but I need to address the couple who sat across from me on the downtown A this afternoon.

OK. I'm not saying a little PDA is wrong. But I was already kinda raising my eyebrows a bit when girlfriend decided the A train was some idyllic countryside meadow and she was going to be Euridyce to your Orpheus and actually lie down on the plastic bench with her head in your lap to hear you whisper sweet nothings while twiddling with a daffodil (I don't even know where you plucked that, but bravo). However, she did get up when more people got on, so whatevs.

But, I must say, the line had to be drawn when homeboy decided to escalate things by leaning down to NIBBLE ON HOMEGIRL'S HAIR.


I'm not saying I don't understand the intricacies of young love and how your girlfriend/boyfriend's body may seem like the veritable wonderland that John Mayer croons about when getting college girls' panties wet, but nibbling on your girlfriend's hair? In public? Really?

I mean, that's as grody as the time I saw some chick bustin' her boyfriend's back pimples on the bus. Why would you do that in front of other people? I admire that you're so confident in your love and want to share it with everyone, but dag yo.


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