Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why it is no use to try and culture me

On the 19th I got a chance to go see A Moon for the Misbegotten. A play I'm not particularly familiar with but it was free thanks to a friend who snagged two free tickets, Kevin Spacey was in it, and I'm always game for any last minute invitation to things.

(check out the "comp" and "$0.00," bitches!)

As I flipped through the playbill looking at the cast members and info before the play started, my brain went, "Hmm, yep, Kevin Spacey...yea, that's cool...he's always fun to watch...and...hmm, well I'm not familiar with the Old Vic Theatre troupe...and...and...OMG!!!!!"

All thoughts of how cool it was to watch Spacey act on stage disappeared the moment I saw the fact that Colm Meaney was part of the productions. Why? Because in that moment my brain screamed, "OMFG, IT'S FUCKING CHIEF PETTY OFFICER O'BRIEN!!!!!"

Yes, everyone, I totally forgot the existence of Kevin Spacey, the possibility of Bill Clinton being in the audience, and everything else because I was so goddamned excited that O'Brien from Star Trek: The Next Generation was in the play.

He was one of my favorite characters on ST:TNG as a kid. I don't know, he was just likeable to me. On top of that, he marries a Japanese lady later in the series and has a kid, and to me, we had that hapa connection. You know? Like it was cool cause it was kinda like how me and my friend's family situation was with the whole half-asian (former) GI dad type of thing.

I was very tempted to stay behind in hopes of seeing him come out after the play so he could sign my playbill as, "From Miles O'Brien..."

I'm sure he gets enough of that crap from hardcore Trekkies and it must be ridiculously annoying to have your entire body of work reduced to Star Trek. I mean, I thought he was good in "Intermission." He was good in this play too.

Oh yea, the play. Anyhow, I enjoyed it. I actually do enjoy watching plays despite my joshing about my philistine ways. I dont know, I heard some people didn't like it, but Kevin Spacey was good in this as well in my opinion. The only problem I had is, while he had the mannerism I'm not sure if he looked or carried himself as best as he could've as the alcoholic-will-probably-soon-die-from-his-drinking Jim Tyrone.

Eve Best was great as Josie as well. And she looked the part too. The thing is, Josie's breasts are mentioned quite a bit in this play and, well, I don't mean to sound crude, but whoever was in charge of costumes certainly picked the right costumes as well as foundational undergarment. It's not lewd, I'm just saying, they did it well. That's all. OK, I'll shut up.

I told my friend afterwards, "Hey, that was fun," but then paused because no, it wasn't fun, the play was depressing. So I recovered with a, "I mean...not fun, know...I mean like, I enjoyed myself and it was, edifying and..."

"You mean it was good?" She offered.

I said, "Yea! That's more like it."

It really was a depressing play though. Jim and Josie finally cut through all the bullshit to let each other know they love each other, but for what? Just to realize that as much as they love each other they can't be with each other anyway. Plays that are depressing are always even more depressing to me because it's a weird combination of the already depressing words and that uncomfortable embarassment I always feel for someone acting their heart out onstage. And I don't mean if an actor's bad, but just that inward cringe I feel for someone onstage due to whatever imagined stagefright I feel for them. Anyhow, that's exactly what I was feeling for Jim and Josie on their moonlit date. But yes, it was fun...I mean good.


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