Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A breakfast that'll put hair on your chest

I totally forgot to mention this, but this past weekend I finally indulged a craving I've been having for months now.

After months of wistful bellyaching I finally couldn't take it anymore and found myself in Sunnyside wandering around the aisles of an neighborhood store known as the Butcher's Block. Why did I have to go to this particular store out in Queens you ask?


The thing is, I just wanted to taste it again. My love for pork and things made of the dear piggy has driven me to this. For one thing, white pudding reminds me of...good quality Spam. You know, like if Spam was meant to be ridiculously delicious this is what it would taste like?

Shut up. It just does and you're going to have to trust me on this one.

As for black pudding? I mean, it's basically soondae (also skip to the "Asia" section of the Black Pudding wikipedia article).

More importantly, it's SOONDAE FOR BREAKFAST.

But there was a problem. Just the black and white pudding even with eggs would not a full breakfast make. And what did I see out of the corner of my eye?

Now we're getting somewhere. I love back bacon...I stopped myself from getting sausages because I was just playing coronary Russian roulette at that point, BUT something was still missing.

Now I'm content. So electing Saturday to be the day I met my greasy, porky doom, I set about creating my breakfast.

I really did not want half-a-tomato joining this party, but I figured that I'm already going balls to the wall here, so it seemed kind of lame to not do so even though I've stated before my skepticism about tomato's role in this whole full breakfast business, and skepticism has once again been confirmed. Seriously, the tomato does NOTHING for me. When I had a fry up for dinner a couple of days later I opted out of that particular vegetable's company. I'm sorry, I love ya dude, but you just do not do anything at all in this meal.


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