Sunday, September 30, 2007

More talk about my coif (for those who might care)

So I recently decided to put down the flat iron...and the blow dryer, and the boar's bristle brush, and the defrizzing serum, and the hot oil treatments to keep my hair from drying out, and the defrizzing conditioner, and the defrizzing shampoo...and embrace my curly hair for the time being. It's not like I can never straighten it again. Who knows, I might for a special occasion. It's not like I threw out the (super expensive) flatiron. However, now I've come at another crossroads. Do I want my hair long again or what?

For those of you who know, I seem to not get the exact same haircut every time I go to get it cut. But after the ill-advised, post-breakup, I need to get out of a rut, disastrous bob from last year that ended up looking more Velma than Rihanna, I've been thinking that I kind of might go back to having long hair...but do I want all that hair when it's curly. When I was real young I used to have hair that came down to my butt. And it wasn't curly with defined curls, but it wasn't exactly frizzy either, it was sort of those cotton candy in-between fluff since my mom brushed it out meticulously, not knowing the physics of having curly hair #1 is DON'T TOUCH IT.

It was cute in a "Awww, she looks like a cartoon character," kind of way. Like I had a fuzzy tangle of dark-haired clouds hanging around my head and down my back. At the same time, to me it also felt like I had a foam matress strapped to the back of my head and going down my back. It took forever to dry with my insane amount of hair, it didn't place nice with the weather, and brushing it required setting aside half an hour with my mom hacking away at my head like the prince trying to get to Sleeping Beauty through the forest of thorns.

Needless to say, reflecting on all that I'm a bit hesitant on letting this grow long. I'm thinking "Aubrey Beardsley illustration" but my hair might be deciding on "poodle disaster."

The long debate is slowly being edged out though, thanks to me once again, against my better judgement, being enchanted by a short haircut even though I know I don't look good with short hair and my hair notoriously being uncooperative,'s so CUTE.

Whilst checking out some songs and videos of Those Dancing Days after someone from across the pond made me aware of their existence, my eyes slowly widened with dawning recognition, and I whispered in awe, "I want Linnea's hair..."

I reasoned with myself. Sure, her hair are looser curls and mine are a bit more tighter ringlets, but honestly all I need are the bangs and a bit more layers to fluff it out into a rounder shape. Doable, yes, but it does not mean I SHOULD do it. Considering that if it goes wrong there's a good chance I'll end up looking like Lionel Richie or Eriq La Salle in "Coming to America," replete with dripping Jheri curl juice...or "Soul Glo" if we wanted to continue with the "Coming to America" theme.

Eriq La Salle's character was as greasy as his Jheri curls =(

I'm going to have to consult with my hair dresser Setsuko about this. Well, actually I like to call her my hair dresser though honestly I only see her once every six months...but I only go to her! Once you find someone who can cut your hair the way you want it, you hold them and you never let them go. Anyhow, she seems to enjoy the challenge whenever I walk in with some brand new half-baked haircut idea. Hell, I've walked in with my own DRAWINGS of the haircut I want and she'll still make it work. We'll put our heads together and come up with something. But not yet. I kind of need this at this length for a little while because there's a chance I might dress up as target="_blank">Delirium for Halloween.

Wait...maybe it might work with the new length...All you need is puffy hair...

Anyhow, here's the video for "Hitten" by Those Dancing Days:


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