Monday, October 22, 2007

And the biggest dick move by my subconscious for 2007 goes too...

This morning at 6:30 am. So in my sleep I was dreaming (obviously). And in this dream I was snuggling into bed. Doing that sort of nesting thing? Anyhow, in the dream I reached that real contented point. You're not falling asleep, you're not asleep, just you're awake, but you've settled into a comfortable position. Everything's calm and quiet and you're finally relishing the fact that you're in bed. Whatever you've been worrying about you've basically taken a, "fuck it" attitude to. It's that split second before you gird yourself to fall asleep and right after you're settled in where you almost let out a little contented/resigned sigh. Hell, it's that moment, if you're in bed with someone, where you sort of talk until the both of you lose the thread of conversation into sleep.

So, in what feels like literally a second after I let out that sigh in the dream world my alarm goes off in the real world. I mean, it felt like a second. For all I know maybe an hour had passed, but COME ON. You just can't do that.


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