Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New song du jour

So finally got Band of Horses out of my brain only to have it replaced by CSS (And really, how can you not love them just based on their name alone?).

I remember hearing "Let's Make Love" a little while back and totally digging its old funk guitar riffin' with a sort of Rod Stewart "If You Think I'm Sexy" synth/theremin whine in the background, then kicking in with some good ol' electronica blips and boops. And their lead singer, Lovefoxxx, with her cute Brazilian-accented English was just way too cute. And guess what, she's hapa! Booyah, y'all. We half-Asians are slowly but surely taking over the world and being totally adorable and hot while doing it.

And come on, how can you be a 20-something in New York and not have "Let's make love and listen to Death From Above" not be your theme, or at the very least your mission statement for each day when you get out of bed? Now, I personally have been too busy (more like, lazy and um...indifferent) to look into whether this song references James Murphy or Death From Above 1979, but I will say that when I'm getting ready to go out and I need to get into that "I'm just too sexy for all this" mood, I just need to flip on the MSTRKRFT remix for Death From Above 1979's "Sexy Results" and next thing you know my booty's got a mind of its own. Now that I think about it, that song really would provide some fantastically pornorrific ambience when you're getting it on...hmm, so would "Let's Make Love" for that matter...in a weird way.

Anyhow, I recently heard CSS' "Music is My Hot Hot Sex," in a cellphone ad (=/) and it made me go, "Oh yea! Those dudes!" And now, my earwig predicament.

So here you all go. Some CSS with a smattering of remixed versions as well as "Sexy Results," both the original and MSTRKRFT versions.

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