Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random worry that stops my cold in my tracks before I go to sleep

"Oh, shit, I hope I didn't cook that pudding too long before stuffing it in the fridge and it ends up being super chewy and tough. It kind of set up pretty quickly as soon as I took it off the stove to cool down. Great, I bet I made rubbery bittersweet chocolate pudding. Oh, well. Hmm, it's gonna snow this weekend. I should make something hearty and comforty...gnocchi or lasagne? Mmmm, gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce with porcini mushrooms. But, I *do* want to bake before it gets too hot to turn this oven on. Geez, and I don't even know which lasagne I'd go with either. Can I get away with making both? Just freeze a bunch of it for lunches? Oh, dear."

You know, not like, say, suffering in the world.


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