Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So that's why useful things have no room in my brain

I was talking to Steve today and he mentioned how he was taking body massage classes (LAME), and as we talked about it, it made me think about the redubbed GI Joe PSA. You know, the one with the kids, and the live wire in the road? "Oooh...mmm...mmmmm...Mr. Body Massage Machine....GO." Yea, yea. I know old hat.

I was relaying this to Steve but I couldn't remember the name of the specific Joe in this PSA off the top of my head. Then all of the sudden my brain nudged in with, "Ahem, I think you mean Roadblock."

I sort of snorted and went, "Oh my God, brain. Don't even act like you know which GI Joe that was. Like you know. Please."

But then it kept nagging at me so I Googled it...and guess what, my brain was right. Why do I even know this? I should know this. Jesus.


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