Saturday, March 01, 2008

WOOOOO!!! Comic books!!!!!

I started reading some comics I had bought in Korea that my mom still had with her (I hauled them here in my suitcase). I didn't buy a whole lot of comics while I was in Korea thanks to comic book libraries where you could borrow them for a fee, and I wish I'd invested a bit more in them. I only have the entire series of "Psychometre Eiji" and "Island." I don't have more because this was pretty close to before I was leaving the country and I had intention to buy more after these two, but got caught up in a bunch of other things that kept me from pursuing further purchases. Also I was more interested in buying things that were a complete series. So the combination made for my comic book purchase shortcomings. I love digging into Psychometre Eiji though, because it's totally taking me back to lazy weekends/holidays when I'd borrow a stack of 6-8 comics and just lay on my stomach on the floor and read them all day with some snacks within reach. I remember making the excuse of borrowing all the scary comics during the summer and how Ito Junji terrorized me for one summer break and I could barely bring myself to take a shower for fear someone was in our shower system crawling around in the pipes with their horrible collapsed skeletal structure. I'm sort of planning for how when I visit Korea in the near future I'm going to pack lightly in a suitcase and carry with me a second suitcase dedicated just for comic books.

Also, Marc let me root through his intense stash of comic books today and I brought back a huge haul of American comics. I'm going to be reading comics for weeks!!!!! (Well, more like I'll go through them all in 2 weeks)

Speaking of comics, I finally got around to reading Kang Do-Ha's (mentioned previously here and here "Kubrick" today, and man is it intense. Daum was giving me some trouble so I had to stop reading with 6 episodes remaining in the series, but really, the man is good at what he does. I'm going to back and read "Romance Killer" and see if I can create some kind of impressions/opinions type of thing in his whole "Youth Romance Trilogy."


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