Sunday, May 11, 2008

Awesome weekend

Kelly needs to hurry up and send me pictures of the weekend because this is one for the scrapbook for sure.

- a fuckin' awesome brunch at Clinton Street Baking Co.
- meeting two adorable girls making great jewelry
- buying a necklace that's sure to become a family heirloom from said girls
- an Indian wedding taking place in a school playground and much getting down with taking part on a big ol' frog
- side boob pictures ("How YOU doin'?")
- gnomes
- 9/11 memorial mural featuring a disconcertingly happy Big Bird
- sitting in a park in Chinatown watching some b-boy dance it up
- (still the same park) watching kids play and contemplating kidnapping one
- "Eff you, stick! I'm going to play with String!"
- (still the same park) picking out our future selves from amongst the "sassy bag and hat" combo old Chinese ladies(the one old lady with the red plaid shirt is SO Kelly, I made her take a picture)
- watching some skateboarders on a bike path on Canal(dude in the brown cords, call me)
- Kelly buying a dookie chain
- making Kelly wear her dookie chain with her Adidas track jacket when going out later in that evening
- bubble tea!
- my Diana Ross hair
- Kelly: "I...sorry, I'm just still drinking all that hair in. Seeing it in person is...just wow. Sorry."
- "I wasn't like this, until I caaaaaaaaaame in this motherfuckin' house!"
- Kelly and I love you, Alex. That's all.
- the lovely crossdressin' ladies Britney-ing it up in our car on the train ride down to the Lower East Side
- wishing I danced well enough to jump and join them
- being disappointed they didn't give Kelly and me a lap dance while they slinkily danced around some very uncomfortable looking guys
- the Chris Brown lookin' dude and his crew
- hopping off the train and striking a b-boy pose at the Broadway-Lafayette station
- cute bearded guy out on a "dudes night out" with his buddies at a bar
- later on, as they filed out past us to leave, having one of the buddies tell me, "Yeeaaah, he wants you." Me: ??? (Me reflecting on the situation later on: "Thanks a lot, mofo. You needed to tell me which one so I could make my move. Especially considering out of all of you there's only one I'd actually talk to").
- letting Hulkamania run wild several times throughout the entire weekend ("Brrrrrother!")


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