Thursday, May 01, 2008


...I was walking up Broadway to get to Union Square. I'd just dropped some film off and it took longer than usual and I felt like I was running late, so I'm bustlin' my ass up the street when I see someone walking towards me looking might familiar. That two-toned hair, that skinny frame, impeccably dressed...

"HOLY SHIT IT'S EFFIN' DOC HAMMER!!!" My brain screams before it decides to shut down.

I realize that I'm pretty much staring at him with this look on my face: =O

Now, I don't know if he noticed me noticing him or even noticed the ridiculous on my face because he had on a pair of sunglasses and was puffing away at a cigarette as he smoothly made his way down the street.

So my brain finally restarts, and by the time it says, "Oh, dude, you have to say something to him!" He's already walked past me and there's no way I'm running after the poor man. I even had my camera and eeeeeeverything! I should've asked him for an autograph or something. I can't believe I just let him walk past me.

Then again, maybe it was for the better. I'm more worried he would've found me bothersome or something. And it was like the weekend after Comic Con. He probably needed a break from nerds pawing at him. Last thing he needed was for some weird chick to scream, "OHMAGAAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!! I FUCKING LOVE VENTURE BROS.!!!!" at him as he's walking down the street.

But if Mr. Hammer happens to see this for some unknown reason. I'm seriously a big fan, and not a weirdo at all, but I'm still so sad and disappointed in myself that I did not say hi or something.


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