Sunday, March 02, 2008

Continued comic book geekery

For anybody keeping track of the new trailers coming out for Iron Man, how can you not be fucking EXCITED? I don't know if I was ever an Iron Man fan. I do know I was a Tony Stark fan, but even as someone who hasn't been great at keeping up with how comics went, as someone whose understanding of the American comic universe is very dated and fragmented, this shit is fucking exciting to me. It's not just a comic book movie that looks decent, it fucking looks GOOD. I feel like I told this story here before, how when I first heard that they were making an Iron Man movie my reaction was basically "Oh, how are they gonna cock up this one?" but then someone said "Robert Downey Jr. is playing Tony Stark." My initial reaction was, "Wha-??" Not that I don't think Robert Downey Jr. is a talented actor, but it just didn't compute in my head in the first second I was reacting, but then even before my brain could finish saying what it backpedaled, switched gears and a lightbulb went off as it went, "'S GENIUS!"

The more I keep up with this the more I'm excited. Avengers possibility? Cameos? Jesus. This is how comic book movies should've been treated.


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