Saturday, May 17, 2008


Oh God. So last night I went to GBH's ten year anniversary bash. I mostly wanted to see Grandmaster Flash spin, and oh my God. It was the best dancing to be had ever. The other DJ sets were good too, but Grandmaster Flash fucking set that thing OFF. His set was about three hours long and so much damn fun (though I kind of couldn't get into his "for the ladies part." Dancing to J'Lo and Beyonce isn't much my thing). I'm still sore from dancing until 3 am. When we were walking to the car I had to drag a Korean chick away from some skeevy asshole who was trying to hit on her and she was all mad and shit and I was afraid she was going to reel back and try to pop the fucker one and it would've gotten ugly. Anyhow I was trying to calm her down in Korean until her friend came and collected her. Kelly asked me how I knew she was Korean and I said, "Me and my people. We have a connection." Also, Filet-o-Fish tastes awesome at 5 in the morning.


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