Monday, March 27, 2006

The following post contains objectionable material

(I only give that warning because I talk about sex in the end)

This article on Slate had me scratching my head a little. Reading the title I was intrigued, because yea, I did feel like there was an agenda behind "V for Vendetta" that the Wachowskis really wanted to get across that kind of made the movie heavy-handed at times, but this article goes into some comparison of "V" to "Brazil."

I just felt the premise was a little flimsy about depictions of dystopic/totalitarian Britain, but beyond that, it just seems badly thought out. Definitely the evolution of the view of how future Britain is portrayed is interesting, but I don't know, this article just sort of fell short. It seems like the writer set it up for one thing and did a switch and bait. I mean if anything comparing "1984" to "Brazil" makes a lot more sense, and others seemed to notice that when going to read the comments. At the same time someone mentioned that this writing was being done for stylistic comparison. Now that, I can kind of get, but even going back to reread the article, I don't get that feeling. At least, the way it's presented doesn't make me think that.

The New York Times' take on the movie was interesting. They don't seem to have a problem with the movie so much as they have a problem with the movie's agenda. I don't really disagree with it because I's MTV-packaged anarchy. I don't know, while I liked the movie, some parts about it definitely made it hard for me to say I fully enjoyed it and maybe it was this kind of smug undertone going through it.

And now, to the sex...

While looking about Metafilter over the weekend I ran across Shaï's new interactive catalog SexPacking (go look for it online yourself, but I worn it is very very much NSFW. I don't mean pornographic as in whatever the hell Abercrombie is doing. I'm not trying to get anyone fired and would warn you against seeing this if you are underage or you have underaged persons in the house)...which basically is three different types of porn depending on your sexual persuasion that give a whole new meaning to product placement. All I want to say is as a media junkie who is really into how images are packaged, I was first surprised that, "Holy crap...they really meant the 'sex' part in 'Sexpacking,'" and second, "Whoa, whoever directed/edited this is AWESOME."

I'm serious, this very well done. It's visually intriguing (yea yea, it's porn, but I mean beyond the obvious), and the's all just so interesting. As for the music...I swear it sounds like the Sneaker Pimps. Anyhow, I don't know if their catalog strategy worked, but I really really really want the dress Oksana D'Harcourt is wearing in the "/Women++Men/" video. Unfortunately they only seem to have locations in Europe and no online store to speak of.


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