Sunday, June 11, 2006

Grant Morrison is super nice

Yea, yea, happy birthday to me, but that's not important.

Yesterday I stood in line at Forbidden Planet for close to 3 hours so I could get a chance to meet Grant Morrison.

I only got to meet the man for scant minutes, he was genuinely nice to me in those minutes. He didn't even seem tired for one bit though he had been there for hours signing and chit-chatting with folks. I don't know how he did it.

I ended up making a fool of myself for totally geeking out. As I walked up to him, the only words that tumbled out of my mouth was "Oh my God...I'm quietly freaking out on the inside."

Without missing a beat he answered, "Don't worry, I am too."

I didn't have any real erudite questions to ask him about his work and my mind blanked on a questions someone wanted me to ask in the moment, but I managed to somehow convey to him that "The Filth" was how I popped my Morrison cherry, running into back issues here and there, finally reading a good chunk of them at once and just buying the trade paperback. My first, and still my favorite.

I informed him that June 11 with my birthday and he signed "The Filth" with "Happy Every Birthday" and told me that it should cover me for the rest of my life. I also got my tpb of "The Invisibles: Say You Want a Revolution" signed too, but he signed "The Filth" with the special birthday message, so I'm going to delude myself into thinking that he was actually listening to what I was saying to him and chose to sign that one that way since I mentioned it was near and dear to my heart. Damn, now I just sound creepy.

Afterwards, I told people I was worried that maybe I came off all weird and geeky to him, but was then promptly informed that he probably met plenty of people who have been equally if not quite a bit more weird and awkward than I had been to him.

I also got my picture taken with him. I felt like such a nerd asking because it didn't look like anyone else was getting their picture taken with him, but I had to ask and kind squeaked "If it's not too much trouble...would you mind taking a picture with me?" and he said it was no problem at all and jumped up. He even pulled out his red-tinted sunglasses saying he'd do "the rockstar thing."

Seriously, so nice.

Weird thing was they were playing Catatonia's "Dead from the Waist Down" in Forbidden Planet and I haven't heard that song in a long while.

Speaking of music, some chick was playing the hurdy-gurdy at the 42st A stop. How cool is that?


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