Monday, June 19, 2006


It is now officially hot enough for people to start cracking open the fire hydrants.

The Korea/France game was ass. I'm sorry. I love you Korea, but that second goal that was blocked was a goal. I'm surprised France didn't make a bigger stink about it.

Also, what annoys me when I watch Korea play is that they play too nervous. I don't know how to describe except that they can't seem to calm the hell down and just let the pace of the game happen.

I was going to include this photo with my last entry about North Korea, but totally forgot, so here is one of my favorite Korean Photoshopped posters:

It says "Let us show the imperialist bastards the rock of the people!"

Alright, maybe it's not as funny to you, but this honestly had me rolling on the ground for a good ten minutes. Especially because the copy is written in wannabe-North Korean dialect. Ah, craziness.

I don't know who created this image, but whoever you are out there in the vast Korean Internet, I salute you.


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