Friday, October 13, 2006

Sitting in an Internet cafe in Dublin

Just completed my whirlwind tour of Cork, met a lot of nice and great people who I'm afraid I did not get to know too well and I feel terrible because I don't want to have come off as flakey for not getting to meet up with a good lot of them again before I left. Highlights: Got invited to a student house party that I couldn't attend because of the weather/working a volunteer shift, played (Irish) Monopoly until 2 am, almost got lost trying to get to Blarney but ended up touring the castle and the grounds with some cool chicks from the Basque region who were students doing some sort of freelance writing gig on the film festival, bonded with someone over zombie robots during one short shift on the last day that I practically had to run from to help out somewhere and gave a drawing away from my sketchbook. More on everything with photos once I'm settled back in NY. I've been handing out my email address like mad so hopefully I can keep up with some of the people I met.

I'm also tempted to maybe make a return as a volunteer to the Cork Film Festival. Nothing concrete yet but the tentative plan is that I split up my vacation days next year and maybe do the latter part of the Cork Film Festival again and maybe volunteer at another one before that. I'm thinking maybe the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Need to see who needs volunteers.

Anyhow, I took a cab to my hostel (Barnacles Temple Bar) from Heuston train station and had the nicest cab driver. He suggested I check out Leo Burdock's for some fish and chips so that is where I will head since I have not had anything to eat all day and I'm totally starving.


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