Thursday, May 10, 2007

Busy busy week

Got a whole lot going on workwise. Also been fulfilling social obligations as well. More overnight guests were housed and a show was attended with another show on Saturday as well. Skipped out on a free show tonight due to general tiredness at the hectic pace that things have been going at. This coming week starting with the weekend will be another bump in sheer work activity and we'll see if I can survive this one as well. I almost feel like I barely survived the last two. I'm hoping after this week I can have a bit of a breather.

But Tuesday was interesting since I found myself at United Palace Theater yet again, but this time to watch the Arcade Fire.

I heard a lot of grousing about it being a seated event, but I had the knowledge. From my previous experience that this could be flexible. Using my "Bloc Party Maneuver," I knew that while people might remain seated for the opening act (The National, who did a beautiful set) and would most probably stand up for the main act, which is optimal time to sneak up front. Besides, I had heard the other shows ended up having people come up to where the stage was anyway. So I readied myself for a regular bum rushing.

After waiting about 2-3 minutes after people stood I up I excused myself from my seat and made a light jog towards the front. And was up front to the second row and positioned myself to the end to make it look like I had just gotten out of my row for a better look (you know, in case the ushers and security were vigilant that night). Had no issues whatsoever, and finally Win called people to come up front because "This isn't the movies," and people got up front to the stage.

Oh, I got up on stage at the end when people were called up and got to play the tambourine. I thought this was quite fun until I was informed by Ben that at Monday night's show he and Kate were sitting in the same row as Blonde Redhead and Sufjan Stevens. And I was jealous because as I told Ben "the white hot intensity of my crush on that man would've caused me to spontaneously combust." =( I want to sit near Sufjan Stevens, dude.


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