Sunday, May 13, 2007

I am too lazy or tired to cook

So I am ordering pizza from Domino's for the first time in a long while. I mean, my roommate would order pizza from Domino's in my last apartment and we'd split the cost, but that wasn't often and I never ordered it if I had to order it on my own. This is the first time I've ordered delivery to my new apartment in the almost year I have been living in it. On top of that the intercom doesn't work properly so I've never been keen on trying to order food here, and since my thrifty college days I've been of the camp that "I will not pay tips for what I can do myself," so many times I'd go get food and bring it back myself (if I did feel like treating myself that is).

I'm still sore and slightly tired from last night's LCD Soundsystem show at Studio B. It was a neat show at a neat venue. I suppose it was actually meant to be a DFA Records party in a way since after the show they had a bunch of DJs spinning for people to dance the night away, so I was a bit surprised by that development. On top of that my archnemesis had returned: VICE TV. As I told Kelly, "Seriously, I don't need anymore videos of me acting the fool at shows on the internet." Luckily, they don't seem to have gotten around to posting that Les Savy Fav show video.

Yacht was an opening act. As the evening wore on and became the wee hours of the morning, Kelly decided she was not a fan. While I wouldn't listen to his CDs while doing housework, I thought his dancing was quite endearing and cute.

We were standing way up front which also happened to be the location of some of the amps. Currently hearing continues to come and go in either one of my ears at any given time.

We stayed a bit to dance and that was fun, but I was pooped needless to say. I actually ran into someone on the dancefloor who lived in my dorm freshman year of college, but we gave up having any real catching up conversation because we kept having to yell in each other's ear. But he was surprised and I was surprised and it was quite a surreal moment.

It was fun but we were not that impressed with the selection of danceable music afterwards. On our way home Kelly looked at me and said, "You know, how hard would it have been for them to play some 'Ballin'? Seriously?"

I replied, "I would've taken anthing. Damn, how was I supposed to put my stank on any of that they were playing. I mean throw me a bone here. I would've gladly taken some Three 6 Mafia or even Yin Yang Twins."

As we grumbled loudly about this while rounding somewhere around N12th and N10th street on our way home we stopped to listen to some music spilling out of one of the apartments. It was the Isley Brothers. As we gazed longingly at the people gathered on the balcony of the apartment where the party was presumably going on we were very tempted to knock on the door and ask, " there a party?" because as Kelly spat out in frustration, "At least you could dance to the Isley Brothers. I mean come on!"

It was a long way home all the way from Greenpoint and on top of that I realized I had no clean towels when I got home. Thank God for 24 hour laundromats. By the time I dragged my sorry self into bed it was 5:30 am.

P.S. Philly Cheesesteak pizza is...interesting. It's not bad but it seems like a food I concocted in one of my odd "I'm really craving cheese steak, but I'm also looking for some pizza," and I end up throwing some Cheez Whiz and Steakums on a DiGiorno's pizza.


Blogger Eduardo Osorio said...

You didn't have a good time at LCD's show? or at the after party?

4:53 AM  
Blogger nabiya said...

Oh no, the show was great. It was a great set and the band was on point that night. The crowd energy was good too, which is always great at a show.

The after party was not bad, but I was just hoping for more diverse variety of songs as far as dancing went. But I had a pretty good time at the party too even though I was dead tired and my feet were sore.

9:08 AM  

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