Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's happening to 2nd Ave.?

Are you for serious? (NYTimes link, via Grub Street)

First 2nd Ave. Deli, now this? And let's not even talk about the rumor mill going around about whether or not Katz's will be closing or not...or just reopening.

All of this has just cemented with me the fact that I'm going to go around and hang out more and eat out more simply because more and more of these types of places are closing left and right. I still can't believe Tonic closed, and I didn't even know Sin-E was closing until I went there for the Craic Fest earlier this year.

It's funny, because I'm sort of a miser when it comes to money. And while I may be socially awkward sometimes and not sure about what to do in the company of people, it's more my reluctance to spend money than my reluctance around people that usually keeps me away from the general public. But just hearing about stuff like this? I don't know. Either way, I was already thinking that I won't be cooking much as the sauna months come and I also will want to stay out of my steamy house to cut down on AC usage, so maybe this summer is the summer for me to eat out and hang out.


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