Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reliving the 5/8 Arcade Fire show through Youtube

So digital cameras and videos and Youtube have made it way easier to look back on a show and go, "Holy shit, that was crazy."

Some videos of the pandemonium onstage at the 5/8 Arcade Fire show I went to for the last song "Wake Up." I'm somewhere in the crowd. There are two specifically where I make a blurry brief appearance not unlike Bigfoot in his famed video.

Here's what transpired if you want to see what happened throughout the whole song and how it all go started. As previously mentioned, I had managed to get up close to the stage, I wasn't at it, but right behind the person who was. The first guy that called up on stage was two people diagonally to the left of me. At around 25-27 seconds into this first video, the girl way on the left of the frame getting up onstage in the light shirt with a ponytail? That would be my backside.

Wow, I appreciate the sheer size of the crowd much better viewing it from this angle. I was getting crushed and pushed about, but I totally did not think it was THAT many people.

Using where Will Butler is standing in this video as a point of orientation, and the color of the tambourine stick that appears in the air in the middle and at the end, that is my hand shaking it.


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