Monday, July 30, 2007

Unintentionally incorrect yet pretty correct

"Temporally out of order!" the sign on the laundromat ATM announced. "Will be fixed soon."

"Sorry!!" the sign seemed to add as an afterthought.

"Well, that's not right," I started, looking up from my book. Then hastily rethinking I added, "...technically."

I mean, it wasn't working for the moment, wasn't it? So that's pretty temporal. And it was the physical being of it that wasn't working, right? I mean if software could be thought of as the soul of this thing, then if it was just a broken button or flapper or what have you, maybe it would be running fine if it was just in another machine. That was temporal, no? And it is a thing of this earth. So the fact that it wasn't working now hear didn't mean there weren't a million other manifestations of it into time immaterial and or other existences that weren't working, no? If this machine eventually breaks down and they take it apart into pieces, those pieces may not function, but at this moment right now this ATM was not functioning as the whole and sum of those pieces. I mean it was working at some point in time and will be working again soon. So temporally might be even more correct than the probably intended "temporarily." Hell, why was I assuming that the person even meant temporarily? Maybe the sign maker really did mean to say temporally. Maybe he grasped something about this ATM's existence that nobody else really was willing to contemplate.

"Wow, I really, really need to learn that when I start thinking about something I need to stop about one or two sentences in because that was a big bowl full of hot crazy," I thought, mildly embarassed. Vocalization had been the only thing separating me from the loud homeless guy at the 53rd St./Lexington station. Who needed weed when you lived with a brain that worked like this sober? I decided going back to my book would be a good idea.


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