Friday, July 27, 2007

Crumbs of the weekend

A bit of randomness going on in my head on my way down to the Jersey for a friend's birthday.

"Look at how fluffy the clouds are on top yet so flat on the bottom," I said. The train sped along smoothly providing a contrast between the swiftly changing scenery on the ground and the slow-paced flow of the clouds above. The sky was impeccably blue.

"I think its a type of cumulus," I informed no one in particular in my head.

A few moments of silence lapsed.

"I almost said cumulonimbus, but I think those are storm clouds," I continued. "But the weather hardly looks like it'll take a turn for the worse. I assure you, if we started seeing some anvil-shaped clouds, that's what we should be worried about."

No one in particular thought no one really asked for any assuring, but nodded in a noncommital way.

"It's strange the things you remember. I hadn't studied about clouds since the fifth grade," I marvelled guilelessly.

No one in particular humored me with silence.


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