Sunday, July 08, 2007

There goes my budget

New books and new sneakers. I wasn't planning on spending anymore money, but truth be told I have shoes that are once again falling apart. I tend to wear my sneakers into the ground and way past their expiration date, tears holes and everything.

It's weird how things work out though because after having to tape together the remnant of one shoe last week I told myself, "Man, I need some new kicks." And despite my moratorium on spending I found myself in a buy one get the second pair half off sale of sneakers I love. I've always had good luck with getting sneakers I love on sale. A pink and black pair of Converse I got for 25 bucks one time, and Vans slip-ons were acquired for around 20 dollars at another sale.

Anyhow, I was already mildly annoyed yet almost OK with the shoes expenditure since they were kind of necessary, but then I decided to go chill at the Strand. BIG MISTAKE.

"You can't buy any books, OK? We've been good about that. Going to the library and stuff. Just looking. We're looking," I told myself walking in. HA! Yea, more like walk out with two books. But hey, it's not my fault. That's expected to happen when one walks into the Strand. I mean, "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" was available at a mere 7.95...knocked down incredibly from the usual 27.95. How can you resist??? But then I felt bad about buying just one book so I bought "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay." I almost added a third to the pile before I mentally slapped myself and shook myself with a, "NO. NO. What the hell, man? You don't have money for this shit right now. You walked in here saying you'd just look. Just STOP."

The Strand...enemy to my budget. I seriously can't remember the last time I walked in there and walked out without at least one book...damn you.


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