Sunday, August 12, 2007

It can all be so stultifying

With the return of my cable and internet AND the conjunction of "no AC required to sit around the house" weather this weekend, I've spent it entirely on my ass and in my apartment. As we'd say back home, "I went to Bangkok." (Korean of pronounciation of Bangkok sounding more like "bahng-coke" rather than "bang-cock", therefore a homophone to the Korean words "room" [bahng] and a word that denotes being stuffed into a corner or small space [coke]. So basically you're saying you spent your time stuffed in your room. The more you know...).

However, I must say that lately I feel like I've become more and more dumb. Sometimes I feel like my head is coming to a standstill. I'm hardly an intellectual, but I've always liked learning random new things. I wasn't the best student, but I was a fantastic collector of trivia. I was hardly the science nerd, but as a previous post posted, I somehow still remember a tiny amount of cloud classification. From the 5th grade until I graduated high school I spent a lot of my free time in the library reading on everything and anything from mythology to how modern cults operate. It almost makes me wish I was back in school, but at the same time I don't know if you can really go back to school I've had a couple of moments where I felt the gears in my brain go rusty.

I've been trying to read more like I used to, but I feel like I should be reading more diverse books than just novels. I had text books back in school and like I said I had enough time to root around in libraries to pick up random books for reading, but now I'm going to have to be a bit more proactive about my learning here and buy some books that I've had on my list for a while anyway even if I can't go cheap book hunting at the Strand.

I realized that a lot of my books are still at my parents place since they took a bunch of my stuff with them after I graduated. I tried to convince my mom to send them to me and she said emphatically no because now mingled with my books from before college my book collection is now apparently thriving like mogwai on a water and food after midnight lifestyle. This annoys me a bit because I know I own books that I cannot get a hold of that I want to read, especially ones from college. There are plenty of those that I've read maybe only half of for class assignments but wanted to finish up reading and never got to it like my copy of Year of the Heroic Guerilla which I didn't get a chance to read all of though I read parts for a class. A couple of weeks ago I saw Darkness at Noon at a bookstore and thought it'd be nice to reread it but nope, it's not here with me.

And it's like maybe I should stop buying books? But no, that's not the answer to the problem here people. No. That's not constructive criticism.

I'm not gonna lie. My comic books from Korea are mixed up in those books still sitting at home as well, and yes, I'd like them here with me. Please, I'm only human, I don't mind lowbrow things too. In fact, I relish in crap like that. "America's Next Top Model"? Yes, please. Crazy bad VH1 shows like "Flavor of Love" or "Rock of Love"? Come on, they're so bad, they're good. Are you with me folks? No?

I need to invest in a book shelf, but I don't have the money or space for one either. I hope I can afford a two-bedroom apartment one of these days so I can have even a small tiny space for just all my once and future books. Yea. That'd be like my dream house. Like I never dreamed of living in a huge home, but someplace where I could have my own library. Oh, that would be so sweet.


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