Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Still giving "At the Feet of my Rival" a heavy rotation. However I must say that now I'm digging "Ex's and Oh's" very much after having given it a good solid several listens. Again, I think I'm lovin' the alt-country sound with the lap steel and then you got a bit of horns in the background, but it's also such a rockin' "We're over, fuck you" song. At first it starts off a little emo-ish, with lines like the opener of, "Got a faded photograph, burn out one edge. Lit that fire when you thought love was dead," but then it kicks the "I can't believe we're over, baby. Why you leaving me for him?" type of song right in the head. It's beat and rhythm is jaunty and the lyrics while bemoaning the death of a relationship ("White like a wedding gown, just dye it black, gifts from the registry, guess we'll give it back. I burnt a picture of a then blushing bride, but I guess there's nothing but a house to divide.") at the same time stay smart and snappy. I want to say angry, but it's not even really angry, it's just so delightfully wry, and I do love wry.

I really like how one line can totally flip around the sentiment of a previous. Where the song goes. It's like you've walked in on an argument that's still going on. It's not at the throwing things at each other and yelling level anymore, but it's the very under the surface simmering type of argument that you make in the last stages of the relationship once the breakup has already happened and you're just picking up the pieces. You say things so you can hurt the person as much as you can and get in a last laugh. Like you think there can be a resolution, but you immediately take it back when you remember how bad they messed up. Being a jerk? Yes, but justifiably so. I especially love the ending of, "Tell me that you love another but you still love me. You can go to hell, it'll suit you well, it'll melt your cold, black heart." It's so prickly and sour, and almost old-fashioned in a way because of the latter part of that seems so classic and I've felt like I've heard it before, but put differently. I can almost feel the relish that someone would say it with after the end of a relationship when the other person messed up, and they know they messed up so you rub it in their face.

Anyhow, I've been listening to a bit more of Malajube after getting a chance to hear a newer song from them and liking it a lot. Once again thanks to a certain across-the-ponder for getting my musical tastes off its fat and bloated ass after a long period of not really actively checking out new stuff like I used to. That is, if they see this of course...either way, I'll have to remember to thank to them later on. But seriously, who has the time when you're a cubicle dweller chained to your desk? And new music is just so fun to find. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough anymore, so that's going to have to change.

Talking to Dianne about this, she stopped me and said, "Whoa...were they the guys that sang that "Le Robot Sexy" song? Because that kind of sucked."

Me:*crossing arms* "Yea...well, I'm listening to them now, so what?"

In my head: =(

While looking at upcoming shows in the city, I found out that they were playing a gig in November at the Bowery Ballroom. I'm thinking it's time to apply my live show test on them. We can put "Le Robot Sexy" in the past if they manage to blow me away with a live set and I'm liking so far what I've been listening to of their album "Trompe-l'œil". Ugh, to think that came out in February of 2006. Time goes by WAY too fast after you hit 21, but that's an entirely different topic.

All I'm saying is that it's harder than you think it would be to convince people to go see a francophone Québécois band.


I had to sell my ticket for The National (booo), but I don't know, I had an opportunity come up that seemed interesting in a "Well, when else are you going to do this in life?" kind of way, so I decided to go with that. But there are others!

Weakerthans at the end of the month! Woo!
Gogol Bordello at the beginning of November! I'm making a sign directed at Eugene Hutz! He might be creeped out and horrified, but it's all in good jest...right?
I'm debating whether or not to go see the New Amsterdams, but I might have to decide soon since the last time I dawdled and tickets sold out and I kind of want to see Eric on upright again because I really like his upright bass (Yay for Gretchen!) and I really like how they sound with it.

Seeing Bloc Party tonight. More for the company than for the show since I've already seen them twice in a row earlier this year, though they do put on an electrifying show.

Saw Colbert taping earlier this week. He is more handsome in person. Also, he likes to dance along to songs that play during the "breaks." His hand brushed against mine and I almost swooned. I got back home in time to watch the episode that taped and you can totally see the back of my head as I clap enthusiastically and Kelly doin' a "YOU DA MAN!" hand motion as he goes over to interview his guest.


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