Monday, November 19, 2007

Odds and ends on a Monday

1. Don't go dancing in new boots. No matter how awesome you think those boots are you will not be able to walk the next two days thanks to your calf muscles having seized up and stiffed.
b. When you dance, you get a weird sex face thing going on. Try not to do that.

2. I don't know why you had a dream about Eugene Hutz coming over to your house to play Wario Ware: Smooth Moves on your Wii.
b. You need to buy more video games.

3. When I first bought the thigh-high gym socks type socks from American Apparel last year, it was on a whim. Even as I handed over the money for them, I thought, "What the hell? Where and when will I wear this? In what possible circumstance? This looks ridiculous!" However, all I knew was I wanted them. Well, last night I found a use for them. They double as pajama pants. I haven't been able to do laundry and my pajama pants are in the hamper, so I've been freezing my ass off when I sleep. Last night it got so bad that I decided fuck it and decided to at least put on some socks, when lo and behold I saw them lying in the drawer. I pulled them up to my thighs and crawled back into bed. And guess what? WARM AS FUCK Y'ALL.

4. Buying some things from the 99 cents store today, a thought crossed my mind as a gazed at the stuff behind the counter. Who the hell would buy a pregnancy test at a 99 cents store? Of all the places and things to look for a deal in...really?


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