Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas situation

I thought I had figured out a clever way to get around the fact that I was too broke this year to bake cookies or buy cards. I was going to create a little comic booklet. Unfortunately, while make my dinner tonight I managed to burn my forefinger and middle finger with a hot spoon. The skin's feeling weird, tight, and uncomfortably loose all at the same time and I've managed to sear a line into my middle finger. I'll see if I can draw it up when I have time, but I might just ditch all that and be a total Scrooge this year if it looks like I can't get it done reasonably by Christmas time.

I was going to just give to to a handful of people who cared whether or not they heard from me this holiday season, but if you really really want one, let me know. I guess though that'd be more easier to promise if I can get over this injury and finish it.


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