Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Randomest dog encounter

Sometimes it's the little things. Again I was scrambling to get to work and decided against taking the slow as molasses elevator in our apartment building and skipped down the stairs. I screeched to a halt before reaching the third floor because I noticed something distinctly staring up at me from the bottom of staircase.

It was about 3 seconds of, "What the? Is that? What is that? Oh, a dog." Right then the dog saw me and yipped and continued to stare at me, propping itself up with its front paws on the first step.

The whole thing was a bit surreal and I slowed down and walked down the stairs since I noticed an owner didn't come with it. "That's weird," I thought, but figured maybe the owner was around the corner waiting for the elevator. It was a cute enough thing. White with black splotches. It looked mutt-y and was adorable in that mutt-y way. Had triangular ears that folded forward (both black) and was sort of the larger end of the "small dog" scale so it wasn't lap doggy annoying sized, but not really a medium-sized one either. At first I thought it was biting onto something, but then I realized that's how the patch of black fur grew on it's mouth. It looked like it had a big bushy walrus moustache.

I didn't think it was unfriendly, but I'd been warned about my over friendliness with strange dogs before. I tried to be careful, but I realized I kind of had to get past it to go down the steps so might as well tried to make friends with it.

"Hey, cutie," I said waggling my fingers at it but not bending down to touch it. It leapt up in excitment and started maniacally wagging it's tail. So I reached down to let it give my hand a sniff and it licked it happily. "Aw, you's a cute one...where's your owner?...Are you lost?"

I straightened up and continued to head for the next flight of stairs when I noticed poochie following me. Well, now this was a problem. I didn't want it following me out if it did belong to someone in the building. Then again, I couldn't just wait around there with the dog until its hypothetical owner showed up...

Just then a man rounded the corner and froze looking at the two of us with his jaw hanging open. I stared at him. A second or two of silence passed.

" this your dog?" I asked.

The guy started talking to the dog like he'd just caught his kid drawing all over a newly painted wall in the master bedroom. In his best "What the fuck is going on??" voice he demanded, "Corky! Corky! What are you DOING??"

I stood there not sure what I was supposed to do. The dog continued to look at me expectantly with it's tail wagging, only staring at his owner when he heard his name.

"Corky, why? What are you doing out here? What is going on?? Corky!" the guy continued to say. And the weird thing was it wasn't like he was pissed off. And he didn't seem mad that I was petting his dog. He just sounded like he could not fucking believe Corky was out in the hallway just chillaxing. I guess it managed to squeeze out the door while he wasn't looking and the guy came running out after realizing Corky wasn't in the house anymore.

"Come on, Corky, let's go," he said, and Corky looked at me one last time before going off with his owner.


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