Sunday, December 09, 2007

Trying my best to forget that it's Sunday...because tomorrow's Monday

Today was pretty uneventful...except that I ended up spotting my "makes-me-question-my-sexuality-girl-crush." Hopping off the 1 at 14th I made my way down the passage to transfer to the Brooklyn-bound L when I spotted a familiar face and everything started going in slow motion. You know, one of those double-takes when you see a face but you look away at first but a full second later you're thinking to yourself, "Wait, was that who I?" but you don't turn away immediately because if it's not how embarrassing for you to whip your head around, but if it is you don't want to make it such an obvious double take, so you count to three and sort of casually scan the oncoming crowd trying to see if you can spot the familiar face again, then turn back around because it really is?

Yea, that's exactly what happened. As a crowd expelled by the 9th Ave.-bound L came up the stairs I spotted, then confirmed, "Oh shit, that IS J.D. Samson."

A) She is tiny. B) Girl crush confirmed.

But while we're on the subject, a minor quibble. Would J.D. Samson count as a girl crush though? I mean, she's a lady yes, but then again even if you are a straight girl who happens to crush on a lesbian wouldn't the whole sexuality dynamics of it make the "girl" part of it moot and it just becomes a regular crush? Not that I'm saying she's not a girl because she's a lesbian, but girl crush seems something that straight girls reserve for other straight girls. I don't know, I guess when I think of "girl crush" I'm thinking of girls saying during some random girl talk or truth or dare type session, "Oh, if I had to do a girl, it'd totally be Monica Belluci, she's so hot." Or like, when girls have that one friend they simply cannot live without because they're so awesome and keen, but they're both straight and it's this totally platonic thing, it's just this intense admiration like she's the awesomely cool big sister you always wanted to be like and you want her to like you as well? At the same time you kind of get jealous when she gets a boyfriend and doesn't hang out with you as much? Does that make any sense? No? Well, never mind. I think I'll just shut up right about now.

You know how some addicts, they stay sober for a while, but when they fall off the wagon, they REALLY fall off the wagon? Yea, so I'd been good about staying out of The Strand, but I walked in there today. I know, again? Seriously, though. I need to document this to show how ridiculous it is and hopefully seeing it in print will give me more of a shock as to how ridiculous I am. I managed to spend $70.45...yea. Well, at least I set for books for the next couple of weeks if I don't go through them too quickly.

I watched "No Country for Old Men" today and let me just say it made me happy because for the first time in a long loooonnng while I felt like I saw a movie that had a fitting ending. "No Country" is one of McCarthy's work that I have not had a chance to read yet, so I can't comment on whether the book translated well to movie or not, and I'm not giving it raaaavvve reviews like it's the best movie EVER in my list of favorite movies, nor am I saying something like, "Oh man, the American public just wants happy endings all the time so it's nice to see a movie that bookends well.

Don't worry, no spoilers...though I don't know what there is to spoil and yea, it's been a book. However, when the screen went to black and the credits began to roll I heard several people go, "What the hell??" There was nothing "what the hell" about it. It was a great way to end that movie. The mood of it, the tie with what was being explored by it, the character resolution. It was just logical to me. It was actually a satisfying movie experience.

For example, I talked about having watched "Wristcutters" and how the execution of the movie didn't meet my expectations. A large part of it had to do with the ending. For the washed out bleak for being mundane afterlife that was painted the ending seemed too easily an sloppily resolved. Not that I was expecting a bleak ending. Sure it could've gone bleak and it would've been an interesting surprise, but I mean it's a love story, a resolution towards two characters realizing their love for each other wasn't really something off. But it seemed like so much build up to show this development of feelings that ended in an arbitrary "let's put these two together." It didn't really explain why they fit each other so well. Or why their love was so special as to allow them the ending they received.

For "No Country..." the close felt right. It wasn't just a perfect bookend in the sense that it ends similarly (with Tommy Lee Jones' musings), but the story ended logically for the character and story build-up that had been going on. And not just that loose ends were tied up, but the fates of everyone involved was the only one that would've made sense. There could've been better endings or something, but man. I don't know. For once I had no questions once the credits came up. I've had some movie endings with questions make it a good movie (some of the horror genre come to mind, where linger questions make the horror more palpable), but hooray for a clean ending.


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