Monday, December 24, 2007

A holiday card from me

Well, this year I didn't want to be a total Scrooge, so I wanted to send out at least some kind of electronic card. I still wanted it to have some kind of personal touch, but how?

I figured, "Why not send a picture card?"

Good idea, but usually those require something like...I don't, pets...something to show that you're not some 24-year-old single slacker. Yea, I don't have any of those. So I figured you know, why fight it. I'm not ashamed of my life. No, far from it. And you know what, if those cards are just reminders of things I do not have and the fact that other people are living adult lives, with responsibility and commitment, well I'm going make a picture card of something I have that a lot of people still want. It took some commitment and responsibility to wake up at 5 am to go stand in line to get it. AND we've been committed to each other for almost a year. So happy holidays everyone.

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