Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh God....too much Morrissey

What the hell? I have been listening to an inexcusable amount of Morrissey as of late. Lots of things to be melancholy about maybe? The grey weather? How much I'm paying in rent? The fact that I had to go into work today even though I could've taken a day off because I had work to do? Work I have to do, period? As I explained to Kelly who informed me she did not get why people love Morrissey, "He, speaks to me. He sings my misanthropy." To which she replied, "Yea, that's why I don't like him." Touche.

Can't wait for the Les Savy Fav New Year's show. That's going to be all kinds of fun. I already have a picture of me attempting to lick Mr. Harrington's beard in heavy rotation as my profile picture for this momentous occasion. Part of me thinks, "There were some cool moments at these shows shows, I wonder if I can find some of them online," but then I'm all "No, it's better this way." Seriously, I don't need people seeing me with my face scrunched up screaming along to the lyrics. OR like the last time when I hauled ass to see Les Savy Fav right after a transatlantic plane ride and was tired and almost dehydrated. I asked Tim for some water and he was much obliged to pour it into my mouth. Afterwards I told Kelly, "As cool as that was, that would've looked like some straight up simulated bukkake if anyone had taken a picture of it." Well, it was sort of a hyperbole. It wasn't that bad, and I was just trying to be funny, but nonetheless, it illustrates my point.

I'm still waiting for the picture of me holding up the sign I made for the Gogol Bordello show informing Eugene Hutz that I'd have sex with his mustache to come and haunt me when I decide to run for governor or something. It'd become like some straight up political intrigue drama with Glenn Close starring as me and they try to recover the photo before someone decides to show it at the debates, and the campaign handlers are all screaming "It's already on Flickr! It's now infiltrating Facebook!" "Johnson, who is doing this??" "I don't know, ma'am. But it must be some really fucking, petty douchebag. I mean come on, it's not even OFFENSIVE. It's actually FUNNY."

And on a parting note, I would marry. MARRRY a guy who looks/dresses like Morrissey did in the video for "Suedehead."


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