Thursday, March 30, 2006

Damn skippy

From today's chat (might require logging in) with Anthony Bourdain:

"I just got back from Seoul. Did a great show there. Everything is good. Be careful with the soju. Prepare to drink way too much of it and I hope you like karaoke because you will find yourself singing Anarchy in the U.K. from a table top with your shirt wrapped around your head with kimchee breath I love Korea. They know how to party."

And I bet they loved ya back, Tony. If you're willing to get drunk and sing in public, you'll always be accepted. Also, he gets one hundred million points for naming one of my favorite karaoke numbers. In Korea, the concept of a karaoke bar isn't really widespread as karaoke places with individual rooms (hence the name "norae bang" or "song/singing room" for these establishments). Usually you end up with four or more friends paying by the time you spend, not the room itself unless it's some fancy shmancy luxury room.

The group dynamics of being able to do whatever the hell you want with your friends makes for great fun. For example, my friends and I liked to headbang to System of a Down's "Chop Suey." The closing? Usually Crying Nut's "말달리자" and plenty of moshing/skanking...I'm surprised we never broke anything.

I love "No Reservations" and I'm certainly looking forward to the Korea episode. I wish I could've volunteered myself as a guide, then I would've gotten to hang out with Anthony Bourdain AND get a trip back home out of it.


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