Saturday, October 21, 2006

When conversations go wrong

A quick break from the Ireland travelogue series with this:

For a while back in Korea I used to watch "Patariro" on NHK. Even though I only understood 15-20 percent of what was going on, it was just so damn weird and I just needed to figure out what the hell was going on. I could've convinced my mom to sit with me and translate a whole episode, but she really was not keen on that idea, especially after I made her sit down and help me beat a video game after the strategy guide I got wasn't doing me any good in the translation department (I was a fucking nerd).

Even more frustrating was the character of Maraihi who was a total gender enigma to me...honestly, I'm kind of glad that I didn't know the exact details of this particular cartoon because once I did find out I was emotionally scarred (They showed this cartoon during the DAY dammit. I don't know if the comic book differed greatly from the TV series, but still).

But my favorite part of this cartoon was the end theme. The Tamanegis were a close second.

Now this is where things go horrbly wrong: The whole reason I was reminded of this cartoon and the ending was because while talking to my friend Steve via IM (nothing good comes of IM conversations, ever), we started talking about Halloween costumes, talking about Nathan Explosion as a good candidate, which made me say "What if people think you're that guy from Type O Negative?", which somehow connected to jokes along the lines of "Ha, ha, he posed for Playgirl," which then lead me to comment that he actually was a very cartoon-looking guy and would maybe make a decent Bancoran from "Patariro." In response, Steve said, "Wait, are you talking about who Pete Steele should cosplay as? This conversation has taken a disturbing turn."

Anyhow, the end theme from "Patariro." Bancoran is the one with long black hair. Someone please back me up that there's a Pete Steele resemblance:


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